What’s it Like to Drive a FIAT 500? Find Out!

January 29th, 2016 by

If you're looking to change up your vehicle, but you just aren't sure if a FIAT is the right fit for you, maybe you need to see for yourself just what makes one of these versatile and stylish models the perfect traveling companion. In the video below we get to meet Jesse, a free spirited girl who isn't afraid to experience the unknown. Thanks to her efficient FIAT 500, she was able to make her dream of living in Portland, OR come true. Take a look.

Not only did she utilize its cargo storage to pack up all her belongings to move our west, she also came to find that the FIAT 500 proves to be the perfect solution for city driving. She can go further on a tank of gas, and its compact size makes parallel parking a breeze.

To see for yourself if the FIAT 500 is the right fit for your adventures around the Norfolk, VA area, come take it for a spin. Here at Southern FIAT of Norfolk, we're eager to show you what the new FIAT lineup is all about!
Source: Southern Fiat of Norfolk

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