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Cross Over to the Adventurous Side with FIAT

As you cruise into the New Year, do you feel like you're getting sick of the same mundane routine? Perhaps it's time to change things up a bit and look at everything from a new perspective. Here at Southern FIAT of Norfolk, we can help you do exactly that by getting you behind the wheel of a stylish new ride.

When your adventurous side is trying to break free, allow the FIAT 500X to give you the motivation you need. This stylish and vibrant crossover is ready to bring excitement back into your life.

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The FIAT 500X Wants to be Your Travel Buddy

As you can see, here at Southern FIAT of Norfolk we can't seem to stop talking about the versatile 2016 FIAT 500X crossover. With its all-wheel drive capabilities, the sky's the limit when you hop behind the wheel.

If you're looking for some travel inspiration, the time-lapse video we've shared below should do the trick. Check out the places the 500X has already traveled to, and you might get some ideas about the next city or tropical location you'll want to visit.


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Be Bold with the Help of the 2016 FIAT 500X

When you first look at the 2016 FIAT 500X you can tell right away that this isn't just your average crossover. Not only does it bring bold Italian style to the road, but it's zippy, fuel efficient performance can help you go further with your adventures.

This model lineup can get up to 25 mpg city and up to 34 mpg on highway. This allows you to cover more ground while enjoying its spacious interior and innovative technology. It's inviting you to hop behind the wheel.

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The FIAT 500L is Ready to Take Adventure to the Next Level

When the time comes for you to hit the road to embark on adventures, you're going to want a vehicle that isn't afraid to get a little dirty. The 2015 FIAT 500L is the perfect candidate with just the right amount of performance, versatility and innovation to bring to the table.



Now the question that remains is, where will you go with a new set of wheels? Perhaps you…

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Add Some Color to Summer with the New 2016 FIAT 500X

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your long summer days? Well for an extra dose of excitement we recommend taking the all-new 2015 FIAT 500X crossover for a spin. It's now available here in our Norfolk, VA showroom in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors!



Make your ride more colorful. The All-New 2016 FIAT #500X crossover. What color defines you?

A photo posted by FIAT USA (@fiatusa) on


Which color best defines your style? Come find out by visiting Southern FIAT of Norfolk. We're eager to show you what…

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The All-New 2016 FIAT 500X is Ready for Adventure

Are you ready for what summer has in store? FIAT most certainly is, as it has quite the lineup in place for drivers to choose from. For example, the FIAT 500X is ready to bring some excitement to the road. As the newest member of the 500 family, we thought we'd remind you of what it offers now that the 2016 model is available here at Southern FIAT of Norfolk.

It's not only…

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The New FIAT 500X is Ready to Join its Italian Family

Here at Southern FIAT of Norfolk, our team has been anxiously counting down to the arrival of the 2016 FIAT 500X, the newest member to join the growing Italian family. So how are its siblings going to react to the addition of a new FIAT 500 member? Based on the commercial we've shared below, we have a feeling the crossover will fit right in.

When the 500X arrives early next...

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